Thursday, November 15, 2007

Toxic Exposure Advisory

Open Letter To The Los Angeles Fire Department
Health Hazard Material Division

Dear Sir/Madam;

I just read the notice posted at room 148 (XXXXX) and I am compelled to write this message...Please forward this advisory to anyone you know that may have had a toxic exposure (chronic low level).

In the event you feel you may have suffered a toxic exposure it is highly important to remove yourself from the area (building) especially if you feel you are sensing any 'phantom' oders as an aftermath.

You may or may not get support from your medical providers, however, it is best to avoid taking any medication unless it is of vital need. In some cases you may develop allergy to medication.

Sensitization is a highly individualized reaction, but there are steps to take to lower your environmental toxic load. Symptoms may include but are not limited to: nausea, headache, sleep impairment, memory impairment, audio/visiual abberations, cardio-pulmonary irregularities/conditions, rashes, allergies, sensitivity to light,sound, hot/cold...

Any one or combination of the following measures is helpful and will not do any harm;

  • Drink 100% Cranberry juice (no additives or presevatives) either straight or can be diluted up to 1:4 ratio with purified water to assist your body in clearing out toxins. Make it your drink of choice for a while. (found at Trader Joes and Whole Foods)

  • Take flax meal (added to cereals or meals) regularly (about 2 Tablespoons per day)

  • Take High Lignan Flax Oil (up to 2 Tbs per day), may be used for salad dressing, to support your liver function. (do not cook with it, heatingdestroys its integrity)

  • If your exposure was to heavy metals, add cilantro to your diet, in sauces and marinades, as seasoning or add to salads (it has been medically proven to sweep out heavy metals from the body).

  • Whenever possible use organic, whole food, and no or low hormone/anti-biotic meat and dairy and drink only purified water/not tap.
  • Adding a cleansing bath to your food prepartion will also lower the toxic load in your body and help your immunity. Simply add 1 tsp Clorox bleach to 4 Gallons of water and dip any raw foods 10-20 seconds in the bath before using. (DO NOT USE ANY OTHER BLEACH, only CLOROX traditional bleach will break down to harmless salts in the water).

Sensitization due to toxic exposure may be insidious and difficult to deal with once immunity breaks down and the blood-brain barrier is breached, so please take this advise seriously.

The current state of knowledge regarding toxic exposure is changing, one recent title you may want to read: "Invisible Killers, The TruthBehind Environmental Genocide" by Deisch and Lonky,MD.

If you know anyone else who may benefit from this message, please pass it on.

Best of Health and Good Luck.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hypocrite or Hippocratic

I recently came across the published treatise "Invisible Killers: The Truth About Environmental Genocide" by Rik J. Deitch and MD Stewart Lonky and was bewildered with one of the author's involvement in putting it into print.

In fact, the Maxie Time diary refers to an instance wherein the patient pointedly asks the doctor to assess the possibility that she had suffered a toxic exposure, leading to multiple chemical sensitivity (August 21, 1996) and he replied, "That's a controversial issue, asthma is less so."

Simply amazing what a decade of denial can do; let the statute of limitations run out--or is the reader to conclude that the government along with the medico-legal community want to be trendy (a la Al Gore) and are now comfortable extolling the truth about environmental toxic exposure.

At any rate, while the book is presented by two experts, the subject of "those blonde guys walking around" is carefully avoided--now that would have made for some really interesting reading!

Monday, August 20, 2007

What's In A Can Of Air Freshener?

Have you seen those big blue Waxie trucks around town?

In addition to femme pads and toilet seat covers they distribute automatic dispensing air fresheners. The following ingredients comprise the majority of what you find in air fresheners that go by names like Sea Breeze, Waxie Time, and Time Scape.

secret perfume

And just what about these ingredients of known neurotoxins and asphyxiants makes the air fresher? As one of the air freshener sales reps said, "The mixture is meant to form small droplets in the air that linger." No Doubt prolonging contact with your skin and mucous membranes with this veritable cocktail of toxins.