Friday, April 24, 2009

Cyber Rant

If you are a frequent visitor to this site and think this blog is nothing but a hodge-podge of minutetia, you are in good company. While this may seem like a rant in cyberspace these ramblings are not as disparate as they appear to the casual observer nor are they miasma from a ravaged mind.

We are ever mindful of our audience and if the medical community continues to act the part of fools by treating what presents as psychosis with more meds (that have questionable efficacy and often times have detrimental effects) then its because they know exactly what they are doing and they don’t want to heal but to figure out the best way to making the most money out of the situation.

It would seem to me the best way to treat someone who presents with psychosis (especially if they have no medical history of the disease) is to cleanse them of whatever crossed their blood-brain barrier and scrambled them in the first place rather than add more toxic meds to the mix.

The reasonable first line of defense should be a continuous IV (to cleanse and replenish a defeated immune system) to support the body in ridding itself of the toxins that caused the damage in the first place; probably from the toxic load in the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the stuff that is being foisted upon an unsuspecting public in schools, work places, and public venues.

Here’s where the jester doffs their cap to the attending court (dead pan serious + stone cold sober):

Government Entities
admin ofc us courts
agriculture & agri-food canada
alabama supercomputer network
birmingham grid for learning core infrastructure
boces southern westchester lower hudson regional information center
british airports authority
church commisioners
city of seattle
ddn network (defense data network)
denver public school district
dod network information center
education service center
florida information resource network
government of ontario
hampshire county council
health & safety executive uk
hersham uk
houston airport system
indiana department of education
kent county council
kentucky department of education
la county office education
los angeles unified school district
national engineering services
navy network information center (nnic)
san bernardino county superintendent of schools
simcoe muskoka catholic district school board
u.s. patent and trademark office
uk eduction system (research machines plc)
woden-crystal lake school
wrexham council borough council

biola university
boston college
columbus state university
community college of rhode island
georgia institute of technology
georgia state university
harvard university
high-tech institute
imperial college london
leeds university
loyola marymount university
massachusetts general hospital
massachusetts institute of technology
miami university
montgomery college.
oregon state university
oxford university
sheridan college
south dakota state university
the detroit medical center
tufts university
university of california
university of cambridge
university of connecticut
university of dundee
university of florida
university of georgia
university of hull
university of manchester
university of medicine and dentistry of new jersey
university of michigan medical center (mcit)
university of scranton
university of teesside
university of toronto
university of wales aberystwyth
virginia community college system
wayne state university medical center
winthrop university hospital

Research Centers/Corporate
allergan inc.
commercial metals company steel group
eli lilly and company
general electric company
got corporation
hvl- llc (pharma)
implant innovations inc.
inland steel
intel corporation
johnson controls - plastics technology group
lockheed martin corporation
microchip technolology inc.
motorola mnic
palomar products inc.
parsons energy & chemicals group inc.
salt river project agricultural improvement and power district
schlumberger limited
stentor national integrated communications network (tracking bot)
the boeing company
united technologies research center
uslec corp.
ws goodrich inc
xerox palo alto research center

Health Networks/Providers
bluefield regional medical center
carilion health system
florida department of health
harcourt general
health net inc
kaiser permanente medical care program
keystone mercy health plan
massachusetts general hospital
sisters of mercy health system
the detroit medical center
vestica healthcare 1083383
wayne state university medical center
winthrop university hospital

Financial Institutions
bank of america
bloomberg financial market
dresdner kleinwort wasserstein
fidelity investments
jp morgan chase & co
orcom solutions
railway pensions management
royal bank of canada
t. rowe price and associates
wells fargo & company

admin ofc us courts
faegre & benson llp
langleys solicitors